9 down, 3 to go.

This is becoming an epically long primary season, (as far as debates go.) As in, this is a record number of debates for one side to have, (as far as I remember.) At the end of tonight’s CBS news debate, the moderator said there would be 3 more republican debates left in the primary season. We still have the entire general election campaign season! Of course those debates are between the candidate running on both sides, but they’ll be at least 2-3 debates then as well. So what did I learn from tonight’s debate? If I learned one thing, it’s that Donald Trummp is angry! Lol not that I didn’t know that beforehand, but if you were watching tonight’s debate and didn’t know this, you got an extremely obvious lesson in that fact!

I fixed the update failures!

How exactly did I do this thing? Well, by running CCleaner, performing disk cleanup etc. I managed to do all this while sifting kitty litter, (disk cleanup/defrag was a long process!) not only that, but the article on how to fix the update failures said to perform a virus scan. OK OK, I have one scheduled to run every week, but I haven’t actually seen the results of one for a few months now, so I decided to do it anyway. The thing only took about an hour, (I thought it was probably going to take a couple hours.) Honestly, it’s been years since I’ve been infected with anything anyway, (I think the last time was around 2005 or so.)

Update failures.

So today I caused windows update failures. I was afraid I was going to get Windows 10 in this batch of updates that was installing, so I used GWX control panel to clear the update cache. The updates were waiting to install, (I hadn’t yet completed the restart ,) even after I cleared the cache, windows update insisted I restart so I did. After I did this I went in to try and check for updates, thinking I’d be able to install them by hand, (so as not to install windows 10.) Unfortunately when I went to check for updates, it threw up an error instead. I can’t check for updates, and since I cleared the updates that were waiting to install, I obviously can’t see which ones failed, (yay for me!) Last time I did this 5 years ago, I needed a system recovery. That was when I restarted in the middle of installing 72 updates after a first system recovery. This wasn’t 72 updates, (obviously,) but since I can’t see them, I’ll never know which ones failed.

A bit of an experiment.

Right now, I have my TV sitting on the file cabinet next to my desk. In my old apartment, it was across the room from my desk. I just did a bit of an experiment in which I had the TV on and attempted to check Twitter at the same time. I used to do things like this all the time, but since the TV is sitting right next to me, it’s more of a distraction, (as in, I’m inclined to pay more attention to what’s on the TV.) It was hard to pay attention to what I was actually reading, (substitute Twitter for email, or anything else,) and it’s just as much of a distraction. I suppose I need to practice more with this, because I think I used to be a bit better at managing multiple streams. I can definitely talk on the phone and listen to something else, for instance, but it might sound strange to the person on the other end.

Primaries are fun!

Except for when your candidate doesn’t win, although I still like all the analysis of them. In other words, even if my candidate didn’t win, it was still fun to watch! Then there’s supposed to be another debate coming up Saturday night, I think this will be the eighth primary debate. I don’t ever remember having this many debates during primary season.
Completely unrelated: I need to do list updates sometime! I’ll probably do them on Thursday, (why I didn’t remember to do them last Thursday, I have no idea.)

My package came early.

I ordered a couple things of cat calming spray last week, (because I ran out on Saturday.) It said they were supposed to be delivered on Tuesday, but when I went to track it, the package was already here. Someone knocked on my door around 4, and I was surprised it was UPS, because UPS wasn’t supposed to be here until tomorrow.
On a completely unrelated note, I went back to church yesterday! Coming home was interesting because the bus driver was waiting for everyone to get on the bus, but everyone was already there. When I called to ask him what he was doing, (this is the person that runs the bus ministry,) he said he was waiting for everyone to get on the bus. I was like I think they’re all here, and they were asking me to call you.

Today and tomorrow.

I’ll be going back to church tomorrow! I won’t be watching the Super Bolw, because I don’t like football! I watched the debate tonight, (I think there’s one more primary debate coming up after this one, and that’s it. I’m excited to get back to church tomorrow! I couldn’t get the stream to work last Sunday when I tried, I think they’re having streaming issues for some reason.

I got my nuts.com package today!

Last year around this time, (during the legal situation,) I placed an order with nuts.com. I was going to do this thing last month, but I decided to wait on it, so I did it Wednesday instead. I ended up getting 2 things of the peanut butter explosion fudge, (which is their best kind, if you ask me!) 2 things of peanut butter chocolate fudge, (just to try,) a pound of NECCO wafers, and a whole bunch of jerkey, (because their jerkey is the best I’ve had from anywhere, in my opinion!) It all came to me today in a FedEx package, which is now sitting in my bedroom, hidden from the cat. Don’t worry, I’m not getting paid for any of this, the amount I had to pay for the entire thing was well let’s just say it was expensive and leave it at that… this is why I only do this once a year!

I’m finally getting over this cold!

It’s been like more than a week now, and I’m getting to the point where I feel like I can do stuff again. This is good, because for the past few days, I’ve felt like I really didn’t want to do much of anything! going out of town like that isn’t much fun! I think
I went to bed at like 8 something last night, and I don’t think the cat was very happy with me! I’m going to be going to bed fairly early tonight, so he probably won’t be that happy with me again.

First there was yesterday, then there was last night.

I went out of town for my doctor’s appointment yesterday. The trip ran ahead of schedule, and the appointment went well. all we really ended up discussing was paperwork issues, I love those appointments where doctors are like, “oh I filled out this form wrong, it should work this time, have a nice day.” Then there was last night. I don’t normally write too much political stuff here, but we’re in an election year, and last night was epic! Lol and it isn’t because they had to flip a coin 6 times on the democratic side to decide who won 6 different precints in Iowa. No, it was because Ted Cruz won and the person that everyone predicted to wind well… didn’t! I have to say that in following legal cases, I’ve seen a lot of loss over the past 2-3 years, seeing someone win something for a change was well let’s just say I still couldn’t believe it this morning.

I’m officially sick.

That’s why I haven’t been posting the past couple days. I have to go out of town tomorrow for my doctor’s appointment. I’ve also officially decided not to participate in Febooary, after reading this little post. There’s one word that sticks out there, “non-mandatory.” Um… I’m sorry, but you can’t legally require me to answer a question! Febooary wasn’t started to legally bind participants to answer questions, it was simply started to be a fun audio exercise, and to allow people to make friends. If I want to wing it, (or be as freeform as I want, and offend as many people with the use of that word as I did last year,) than I’m going to do it! I think I only answered a few of the questions in 2013. I almost skipped one, and that’s how we got “yeah, I’m still here.” I might have to upload something on 2/19, just for kicks.

I got up early this morning.

I set my alarm for 6:30, to be exact. I wanted to watch the service NASA was holding, it started at 7, so I got up at 6:30. There was also a debate tonight, we all know how I like watching debates! I actually had a hard time streaming this one, for some strange reason. I couldn’t get the streams to work. I had to use Tunein, and listen that way. On a completely unrelated note, today is also the second anniversary of the oral arguments in my very first appellate case.

Today and tomorrow.

I finally got my lab tests done! I did eat before I went though, so my blood sugar might be a bit high, last time this happened, my primary doctor got a bit paranoid. Fortunately, I’m not seeing my primary doctor. After that we had to make a quick trip to Wallgreens, I discovered I didn’t have any day/night cold tablets, and if I’m about to get sick, I needed some of those. On a completely unrelated note, tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of the Challenger explosion. Why do I know this? I wasn’t exactly old enough to actually remember anything from it, but I did a research paper on it when I was in high school.

I don’t particularly want to get sick.

I just had to wake up with a soar throat this morning. I really hope I don’t get sick, because I’d like to enjoy the day trip I’m taking on Monday, (at least the non-doctor’s appointment part, anyway.) I never enjoy the doctor’s appointments, I always leave with a long list of instructions, which have gotten worse in the past 6 months. Last time, she asked me to track fluid intake, and volume output. I really don’t want to do that again!

The wasted trip.

When I schedule my out-of-town doctor’s appointments, they always tell me to go have blood tests taken a week prior to the appointment. I tried to do that today, but for some strange and unknown reason, the lab order wasn’t in the system here. I ended up having to call the doctor’s office, and have the nurse call me back, so that the doctor could resubmit the lab order. I’ll have to go back in Wednesday for the tests. I did take a quick trip to WalMart, to get a couple things, but other than that, it was pretty much a wasted trip. I always like to fast before my lab tests to make sure I drink enough water, (sometimes I find that when I’m eating, I don’t drink as much as when I’m fasting,) not only that, but I had one time when my blood sugar was particularly high. I had to have an A1C test after that, and my A1C was perfectly fine. If I fast before taking lab tests, I won’t have any problems with that.

My everyday journeys in life.