Sleep is my word of the week.

Simply because I haven’t been getting very much of it lately. For the last 2 nights, I really didn’t sleep at all. This is the period of time, in the couple months before I stay up to do my 24 hour events, in which my body plays not-so-nice tricks on me! The problem is, if you do this a lot when you’re blind like I am, people might start to think you have Non 24 hour sleep wake disorder Which does actually exist, and is actually a real thing. However, if you read that Wikipedia article, it talks about free running sleep cycles in which the cycles shift to later and later in the day. I don’t free run my cycles, I usually go to bed around 12, and get up anywhere between 7-9, (unless I have an extremely bad headache, then I just lay there for a while not wanting to get up!) I think it was about a month or so ago, Melissa looked up the side effects of the antidepressants I’m taking, they can cause insomnia, but they can also make you tired. I think I’m going to blame the antidepressants on this one, It’s definitely happened since I started taking them!

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Things I should probably do over the next couple weeks.

This is a Thursday 13 list, except for the fact that it has 14 things on it, (hah!)
things I should probably do over the next couple weeks.

  1. Have my form filled out for the housing authority.
  2. Give the property management agency notice to vacate.
  3. Start my apartment hunt. I didn’t want to start until I gave notice to vacate. Just in case there were vacancies at the time, then someone took the apartment I wanted, and/or there weren’t any vacancies when I went to apply.
  4. Get up and running.
  5. Get my AC fixed.
  6. Register a Twitter account for linkday, (the obvious username is taken.)
  7. Go to WalMart.
  8. Work on my 101 things in 1001 days list.
  9. Do an AMA stream on Meerkat, (well… this isn’t exactly something I need to do, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.)
  10. Test my Tripod when it gets here. I’m hoping it will work with my phone, and that I’ll be able to set it up easily!
  11. Work on the FAQ page for Linkday.
  12. Update my “Places to find me” page, and call it something different.
  13. Write an about me page for the Linkday site.
  14. Start Audiomo, (Audio month.)

Patriot act soliloquies and missing scheduled streams.

Today on the Senate floor, Rand Paul gave a ten and a half hour soliloquy on why we shouldn’t reauthorize the patriot act, or pass USAF for that matter. This was technically not a filibuster, because the senate was scheduled to debate trade legislation today, (not the patriot act.) He started at 10:20 pacific time, and ended shortly before 9 here.
Melissa and I streamed the making of pizza this afternoon. Everything except the crust was already cooked, (she cooked the saucage and onions beforehand,) so all I had to do is spread everything on, then she put it in the oven for about 10 minutes to allow the crust to bake, and the cheese to melt. After we were done streaming, I scheduled a stream for 7:00 tonight. I wanted to demonstrate installing WordPress on I enjoy watching people build webapps while they’re streaming, so I thought I would do a demonstration of how I install wordpress. Lol, this won’t take long at all, as I have to use my host’s installer to do it because I have problems with the file manager, and I don’t particularly want to extract all the WP files to my desktop and then upload them via FTP, (I want to install it in the root directory.) BlueHost’s file extractor has never worked for me!

I now own!

Oh yes… yes I do! This is my 4th domain, and I have to say that I’m not done buying domains yet! In fact, I was joking with the person I was live chatting with from BlueHost, (someone forgot that they needed to point nameservers before adding a domain to their host!) that I should buy a domain once a year so that I wouldn’t forget how to do the pointing. Given the many ideas I have running through my head, I think I could probably do this for about 10 years. All the extensions for linkday were available, (except for .com,)next year, I might end up buying and redirecting. Oh yeah, I also ordered this tripod for my phone today. Melissa and I weren’t sure if it would fit my phone, and be able to work in portrait mode. I contacted the company on Twitter, and I asked them if it would, and they said yes, provided I set it up in a wide stance. I couldn’t decide on whether to get a Tripod or a selfie stick, but Melissa thought they wouldn’t hold my phone in portrait mode.

Woops! I almost missed this post.

Actually, I spent almost an hour going through my music collection in search of this song I linked to it just in case it doesn’t embed, I’ll put the video below and try to have WP embed it here:

I saw it on the season Finale of the show I was watching, and it made me think of an NCIS episode that it was on. I thought the episode was last year, but apparently, it was in 2013, which… naturally made me think of the events of 2013. The song reminded me of events that were going on at the time, so I was like I have to have this song! Apparently I didn’t convert it then though, because I didn’t have it in my collection for some reason. Not only that, but I couldn’t remember what the stupid thing was called, which made me have to search for the lyrics all over again, I did remember those, so that was fine. I think I need that app where you sing into it and it tells you what the song is called, the only problem with that is that it wants you to buy the song on iTunes. I don’t use iTunes for my music, I only use it for handling things that come off my phone, voice memos, pictures, ETC. Oh and I always convert the voice recordings to .mp3 when I have the chance.

Prayer is my word of the week!

Why, you might ask, well… there are several reasons.

  • I was praying that I would have normal lab results last week. I called my doctor’s office, and yes I do have normal lab results! Most importantly, my A1C is in normal range, at 5. I was definitely praying about that, because I really don’t want to have to make any diet changes just yet, I’m not saying I won’t want to make them down the line, I just don’t want to right now.
  • I was praying that the housing authority would give me a voucher so I could move into a different apartment before I called them on Monday. They’re going to give me a voucher, but I have to fill out a reasonable accomidation form to make sure it’s a one-bedroom voucher. That leads right into my next point.
  • I’m praying that I’ll be able to find a bigger place, but one that I’ll be able to afford. My friend and caregiver, Melissa, only pays $60 more than what I’m paying for her apartment, I’m thinking that I could be able to afford something like that.
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Information I don’t like to give out while streaming.

Some of this is obvious, but some of it isn’t.

  • Location information. My family doesn’t approve of me live streaming, when I randomly told them that I was doing this, while we were out to dinner celebrating my dad’s birthday, my mom and sister both freaked out, said it was unsafe, and asked what if someone started stalking you? So I won’t give out location information, because my family is paranoid.
  • Obviously, if I’m not giving my location, I’m not going to give address information, that’s just stating the obvious. No one has asked me that, but I just have to put it here just in case.
  • My phone number, we aren’t going to be facetiming or talking on the phone anytime soon.
  • My email address, that’s what Twitter is for!
  • Skype information, follow me on Twitter first.
  • Facebook information, for the simple fact that my entire family is on Facebook, and they might wonder where you came from. I don’t have my Meerkat profile connected to FB for that reason. I wouldn’t mind giving that out otherwise, in fact you can find it here on this blog. Although you’re better off following me on Twitter, I only use my Facebook account 2-4 times a year anyway.

I suppose if I hadn’t told my family I was live streaming that one random night, then I probably wouldn’t have to be so strict with my information. I’ll follow anyone who follows me on Meerkat or Twitter though, and I’ll answer almost any question besides the ones in this list.

Thoughts on the passage of USAF.

In order to make this post a lot shorter, read this explanation of the legislation first. In short, USAF, (H.R 2048,) reauthorizes section 215 of the patriot act, which is set to expire on June 1st. The provision that’s supposed to end bulk collection of phone metadata actually doesn’t do that. It simply hands the data-collection duty over to the phone companies, and lets the government search that data at its request.
OK, I think we should just let the whole thing fall by the wayside! Why are we reauthorizing 215 in the first place? 215 doesn’t just provide for bulk telephone metadata collection, it also allows for surveillance of financial transactions, such as credit card and western union transactions. In fact, it isn’t just section 215 that needs to expire, it’s the whole patriot act itself. We know that there are secret interpretations of section 215, and if there are secret interpretations of one section, then there are probably secret interpretations of other sections as well.
What we don’t know is how much of the documents from the 2013 leak have actually been published, (I believe it’s somewhere around 20 %.) We also don’t know what the rest of the documents, (or future leaks might reveal.) I read somewhere, (a couple years ago,) that Senator Wyden, (a senator from my state, who takes a firm stance against NSA surveillance,) said that we would be shocked if the secret interpretations of the patriot act were ever revealed. Well, I think that before we pass anymore legislation to reauthorize any other sections of the act, maybe all those so-called secret interpretations should be revealed. This can happen in one of two ways, either someone can leak the information, or a legislator who has this information could go ahead and read it into the congressional record.

Our shopping trip.

Today we went grocery shopping. When we do this now, I always get a bit nervous, I’m afraid we’re going to mess up, something’s going to happen, and we’re going to cause an incident. I think we had the fastest grocery shopping trip ever today, we didn’t have much on our list, so we nearly ran through the store like we were in a hurry! Except for the fact that we weren’t in a hurry at all! I actually slept in really late today, I didn’t get up until almost 12, about 20 minutes before Melissa got here. I was going to write a post on my thoughts on the passage of HR 2048, (or the USA Freedom Act,) but that’s going to have to be a long, treatise-like post that I don’t really want to write at 11 something at night, so you get this random post instead

All about food.

I didn’t really know what to write about today, so I decided to follow the BeDM topic, which is “food, glorious food!” If you ask me, “what’s my favorite food?” I suppose the list is long. Really the answers are chocolate and cheese, as those are the best things ever! I also happen to like Chinese food, Mexican, Italian, anything with most kinds of fish, (as long as it isn’t sushi.) So the answer is it depends on the day, I suppose.
Although I do have some strange preferences, I’m not a fan of pie, because we didn’t eat it a lot growing up. I’m also not a huge fan of pudding, because of the texture. Melissa and I have a long-running joke that yogurt is one of my favorite things, but it’s one of the things I absolutely despise!

The first steps to moving.

I called my housing authority representative today, to discuss first steps to moving. She said she couldn’t give me a voucher until I give notice to vacate. However, there’s a federal policy that’s being implemented that says that a one-person household can’t get a one-bedroom voucher. This is very strange, because it’s what they gave me in 2006. I asked her if I could possibly rent a 2-bedroom, and she said that it’s definitely possible to use a one-bedroom voucher to rent a 2-bedroom. However, in order to get the voucher, I have to fill out forms saying I need a reasonable accommodation, she said if I do this, it won’t be denied. She also said I should contact my state’s fair housing council regarding the floor incident, she thinks there’s discrimination there somehow, I don’t disagree with that; however I believe Melissa has more of a case of defamation than I do.

The apartment hunt is on!

I think I managed to finally talk some sense into my mother! We were at my parent’s house for mother’s day dinner tonight, and she asked me if I wanted to move, and I said yes. She says she still has some concerns about safety, but I told her I could probably have a security system installed, (and I could probably se about taking self defense classes of some kind.) She said she wasn’t set on the idea of a house, (there would be maintenance issues involved there,) but we both agreed that I could start looking for a new apartment! This is a good thing, because I’ve been in this very old building for 9 years, and I think it’s time for me to move on. I’m just hoping I can find somewhere to live with built-in AC, because that’s extremely nice to have!

I’m making another list.

Because I have several things to talk about, and I don’t want to write a treatise, because that might take all night, I’m constraining myself to list form!

  1. This is my 1601st post on this blog! The word of the week post from earlier was 1600! I have all my blog posts going back to 2009, but I’ve been blogging since 2003.
  2. I installed Disqus because I didn’t particularly want to deal with WP spam shield anymore, not only that, but the fact that WP comments don’t have subscribe to comments built-in unless you install this stupid feature called jetpack, (which takes over your comment system and does some not-so-nice things with it!) I do have guest commenting enabled, unfortunately, guests don’t receive email notifications. Some people might confuse Disqus as a forum, although I suppose you could use it as one, (by creating forum topics as blog posts,) I’ve never used it that way.)
  3. I slept through both my scheduled streaming times today, yeah… go me!
  4. I had to be a part of one of the most ridiculous meetings I think I’ve ever sat in on yesterday. We had the meeting with the building owner and manager over the whole floor drama yesterday. OMG… pharisaical times were had by all! Let’s just say that we couldn’t reason with both of them, because both of them still think Melissa “displayed poor judgement” is now the line they’re choosing to use. Even though the building owner was actually implying that her actions were contemptuous at one point, but hwen I used that term, he corrected me. I basically sat in there and told them it was all my fault, I was the one that needed to use the cart for my groceries, I was the one that was in a hurry, and yeah, I was the one that didn’t call the manager. Yet they still said I’m legally responsible, but they’re afraid Melissa will do something like that in the future, (she made the imprint in the floor, so it’s her fault, even though I’m the one legally responsible, and she was following all my instructions.) I basically pretty much told the building owner to go ahead and sanction me, because Melissa provides a service for me, she was on my time, and working for me when the error took place. I emphasized the fact that it was, as a matter of fact… plain error, (maybe not moving the cones to try and get the cart, because I asked her to go get it, but the imprint itself was in fact plain error,) and he still wouldn’t let it go, even after she said she wouldn’t do it again in the future!
  5. On a similar note, someone needs to talk some sense into my mother! She refuses to let me move out of here, unless it’s into a secure building, and there aren’t any other secure buildings in our town, so she wants to find a piece of property that we can all live on, and then, and only then I’ll be able to move out of this wretched building! Of course I’m the one that she’s treating like a 5-year-old child, so she won’t listen to me, could someone please talk some sense into her? Thanks!

Learning is my word of the week.

Why learning, you might ask? Well, as you probaby know, I downloaded Meerkat a week ago yesterday, (I contemplated making that my word of the week,) and I’m still learning how to aim the camera, how to use the front-facing camera verses the back camera ETC. I’m also still experimenting with NVDA, and learning what works and what doesn’t. I have to say that different things work for different situations, and NVDA is not the best thing for me to use while posting links to my linkblog because of the way it reads links in articles, (it reads them as part of the article, not linearly, like they’re formatted.) Usually when there’s a link there, there’s a blank line before it, and NVDA for some reason doesn’t seem to recognize those blank lines, which makes it hard to find links, and this makes it even harder to figure out where to insert them, (especially if there are 2 or 3 links right in a row.) It reads more left to right on the screen, which is great for certain situations, (but not so great for posting links and web-based email interfaces!) There are things that I like about NVDA, I do like the fact that it can handle fast-moving things without holding up my system and causing a crash, (which JAWS can’t seem to do.) I also like the fact that it has addons and is extremely extensible, but there are those things that I don’t like about it, just like I don’t like the fact that JAWS crashes every time I try to do something faster than normal. In the end it’s just a matter of learning what works and what doesn’t. I probably won’t completely make the switch to NVDA, until it can recognize blank lines in articles and render web-based interfaces in Firefox just like it renders them in IE. I also don’t always like to use the front facing camera when I’m live streaming, because it’s a different way of holding the phone, (with the screen facing you.) Since I know exactly where the back camera is, it’s easier to aim that one, but then again, I’m still learning my camera aim, and once I get a tripod, I shouldn’t have to worry about all that too much.

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