I’m all moved in!

Well… almost anyway. There’s still some stuff left at my apartment that we weren’t able to fit into the 2 Uhall trailers that we rented. Yeah, I said 2 Uhall trailers! I do have a huge computer desk, (and a treadmill that I’m giving to my parents after buying my elliptical,) so those both had to go in the trailers. Not only that, but I have a couch, a bed, a recliner chair, and a whole lot of boxes that needed to fit in there! I’m getting rid of some of the furnature, but it still has to be stored. My cleaning lady is still at my apartment, (cleaning window blinds takes forever, apparently!) I’m hoping I can move out of here in 2-3 weeks!

WOTW: packing!

We did a lot of packing this week, it’s all finished, except for the things I’ll be packing tomorrow, (which is the day I’m moving out of here.) My mother wanted to hire a cleaning agency to clean this apartment, the first one was going to charge me $547, and the second one was going to charge me $375. I called a lady from my church, who said she’d do it for $150. She cleaned my carpets a couple years ago, and she cleans at my church, (so she knows what she’s doing.) I should be all moved out of here, and at my parent’s house by tomorrow.

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Things I learned from participating in Audiomo.

Here are a few things I’ve learned while participating in Audiomo this year.

  1. The combination of Meerkat and Katch didn’t work that well. Katch wouldn’t process the streams in enough time for me to upload them as mp3s for Audiomo, and it would end up processing them at like 3 in the morning.
  2. Not everyone wants to learn from experience, some people really do want to be told “your audio recording sucks!” Which is very strange, because I know I wouldn’t want to be told that about mine.
  3. If I participate next year, I would like to do more demonstrations, I did a couple this year, and those were fun!
  4. I’d also like to incorporate more streaming, I did have fun with the streams I did, and even though a lot of them didn’t get processed in time, they were still fun!
  5. Even though I don’t believe in using a theme, I suppose I should probably be less honest and open in my posts. I had an incident with someone because of that.

Audiomo day 28.

I talk about today being PRTT, (pen register trap and trace,) day, and me starting my 101 in 1001 list at the end of 38 days, (on 8/5/2015.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pen_register
Lol, I originally wrote 8/5/2013, (that’s the wrong 38 day period!)

WOTW: heat.

It’s extremely hot here, it has been for the past 2-3 days, and it will continue to be this way for the next couple weeks or so. By “extremely hot,” I mean over 100 degrees most days. We usually only have a few hundred degree days a summer, (it usually stays in the 80’s and 90’s until around maybe the middle and/or the last couple weeks or so of August.) This is not the best time to be moving! My mom is either coming to start the packing today or tomorrow, (whenever she makes up her flippin mind,) because I’ve asked her this at least 4 different times, and her answer changes each time.
I do not do well with heat! in fact, I dehydrate very easily, (so much so that when we were on a trip out-of-town last year, I was very dehydrated within about an hour and a half.)

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