I ordered a laptop today.

I ordered a 15 inch laptop today from Dell. I wanted to get a 17 inch, but they didn’t have one with an i7 processor in it, and Windows 7, which is what I wanted. The problem is, that 15 inch laptop doesn’t come with an optical drive, which you kind of need to install JAWS. Well, you don’t exactly need it for the installation part, (because you can just download it.) Although it definitely makes it easier if you have it for the activation. Otherwise, you have to go to the activation site, find your authorization number, and locking code, enter that into the site, and get a license code to paste into JAWS to activate it. I have a CD with that information on it, that would make it easier if I could just put in and use.
Over the past 2 days, I’ve managed to spend almost $1300, I spent $80 on groceries today, because I only had $25 on EBT. I managed to spend $1121 on the laptop, by the time I added all the extended warrantees, and a Microsoft office license. Oh and there was that $120 for my JAWS SMA yesterday.

I got my backpay yesterday!

I got a call from the SSA this morning. The lady said she had a notice to read to me, the notice was about my backpay, and it said I would get it on 11/1. She also said I would get it any time between now and 11/1. I needed to renew my JAWS SMA, (software maintenance agreement,) otherwise I wouldn’t be authorized to have JAWS 16 when it’s released at the end of this month. I thought I would check my account, just to see how much was in there, because I thought the SMA renewal would be around $80-$100, and when I went to check my account, I had over $4000 in there! I was like well… this really just doesn’t make any sense, where did the extra $2000 come from? So I checked my account activity, and I had a deposit from the SSA, in the amount of $2050, which is the amount of backpay I got for the 5 months from April through August, or May through September, depending on which agent you talked to, (the notice said April through August, but when I called the SSA to ask about my backpay and they told me I’d have to wait 45 days, he said it would be from may-September.) I was like OK then… that explains why my account balance is over $4000, and then I promptly spent $120 to renew my JAWS SMA.

I’m headacheless.

Finally, for the first time in like 10 days, I don’t have a headache! I don’t know what I did either, I just woke up without one! In a completely unrelated note, I should be getting my phone sometime next week, (probably on Monday.) After that, it will be all about taking a trip to the store and activating it, because mom still hasn’t authorized me on her account yet. Then they’ll transfer my contacts, and I’ll send my old phone to Verizon for a rebate. I’m just hoping the phone won’t come while I’m at Prayer Seeker’s Café on Monday morning.


I had an extremely bad headache yesterday, all I could do is lay there and breathe. I kept thinking the fan was the heater for some reason, (my heater actually has to spin up, and it sounds kind of similar to the noise my fan makes, but not that similar.) The hallucinations were… well… interesting, only because I think that kind of stuff is fun sometimes, but they would have been scarry if I didn’t. My caregiver thought I was sleeping when she left, but I couldn’t open my eyes.

On this day last year…

  • I went to the housing authority for my recertification, I went today too, it’s weird that it’s the same day.
  • I went to a local ice cream shop for ice cream, it’s a post-recertification tradition. So since I did it on this day last year, I just had to do it again today.
  • I read one of my first appellate opening briefs, up until then I’d only followed district court cases.

It’s interesting that I don’t remember my recertification being done on that day, I had to ask my representative what day I came last year, because for a while we had a strange tradition of doing the appointments on 10/11 every year. It’s also interesting that for 2 years in a row, I happened to miss appointments that were scheduled on 10/2.

My call to the SSA yesterday.

I was on hold for over an hour with the SSA yesterday, to see where my backpay ended up. It turns out that I have to wait 45 days from Friday to get it. It has to do with the local office, they have to pay back the SSI fund, then send it to the payments center. They had a reminder set up to do this on 10/10. If the 45 day count is supposed to start on 10/10, it should end on or about 11/25. Yeah, I have a 45-day counter, as I’ve done the supposed 45 day waiting thing once before. I just have a feeling that I’ll end up getting my backpay in January or something.

I get to call the SSA tomorrow.

I got my check on Friday, but for some reason, the SSA didn’t put the backpay in my account. I’m not sure why, so I’m going to have to call them. I’m thinking since my check already cleared my account, it isn’t on my end of things. I’ll probably have to wait on hold for an hour tomorrow after Prayer Seeker’s Café. I just hope they don’t disconnect me like they did one of the times I called a couple months ago. I never use my cell phone to call the SSA, because I’m always afraid the calls will drop, so I use my landline for that.

I should get my check tomorrow.

That is, if my SSA record is correct, I should get my first disabled adult child SSA check tomorrow. If the record is incorrect, and the notices are right, then I’ll have to wait until the fourth Wednesday of every month to get my checks. My dad used to get his checks on the fourth Wednesday of the month, so they keep sending me notices that say I’ll get my checks on the fourth Wednesday. When I have agents look at the record though, it says that my checks are supposed to come on the 3rd, which is what the lady told dad and I when I filled out the application. If I get my check tomorrow, mom and I think they have no reason not to put both the backpay and the check in my account all at once, which, (if everything is correct and barring any unforeseen circumstances,) should equal $3591.
I have my assessment tomorrow for my caregiving services. Those are always fun because they always ask you strange questions like do you wear diapers? It’s also to redetermine my eligibility for EBT benefits, so he’ll probably ask me exactly how much is in you’re account right now?

Happy birthday to mom!

Today was mom’s birthday. We went out to dinner to celebrate, like we usually do. I don’t think any of us were very happy with the food where we were eating, but maybe we just won’t eat there again. I gave mom a check to pay back my phone, and for her birthday, all in one check. In a completely unrelated note, the post about my phone was the 1500th post on this blog!

I’m getting a new phone next month.

I went to Verizon on Tuesday to try and upgrade from an iPhone4S to an iPhone 6, but there were issues. I’m on a family plan with my parents and my sister, but I’m not an authorized user on my mom’s account, so they wouldn’t let me upgrade. Even though mom tried twice to call and authorize me, it stil wouldn’t work. Mom ordered my phone yesterday, and I should be getting it next month. I’m writing a check to pay her back. I told her she’ll probably have to go to the Verizon store with me to activate it, because of the authorized user thing. the phone will ship to me on 10/24, and I should get it by 10/26 or 10/27, I got a 16 GB iPhone 6.

We’re singing a very strange song this Sunday.

Well, it’s one of those kids songs that have really obscure lyrics, and no one can find the exact version on Youtube. When the teacher sent me the instructions for the activity we’re going to do, she sent me the lyrics to this song, which are: Come,
let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before our King. Let us worship
and bow down. Let us kneel, and let us sing. He is our God. He is our
God. We are always under His care. He is always there.
It’s based on Psalm 95:6-7, which says: 6
Come, let us worship and bow down.
Let us kneel before the Lord our maker,

for he is our God.
We are the people he watches over,
the flock under his care.
Here’s a link to one of the versions on Youtube, (I’m not embedding tit, (as I will have to format this post as a video, and that will throw the whole thing off.) Sunday school changes.

  • I filled out Sunday school forms today.
  • Today was long and strange.
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • I got a strange call today.

    I started Sunday school today.

    I actually made it to Sunday school today! I got to be King Saul during our lesson today, which was fun, although we were reading 1st Samuel 24, where David is in a cave, and Saul goes into the cave, and David wants to kill Saul, but instead he cuts a piece of the hem of his robe. I actually had this thing over me, (I’m not exactly sure what it was,) and I was wearing a hat-type thing on my head that was like a crown, and it was interesting, because if I would have known I was going to do that, I would have memorized the relevant scripture parts. I’m teaching with a couple people from Prayer Seekers café, and we usually have a lot of fun there on Mondays, so it’s the same dynamic during Sunday school. We laughed a lot, and none of us were really prepared, which made things even more hilarious.

    It’s time for an upgrade!

    When the iPhone 6 comes out on 9/19 that is. Apple announced the phones today, (yeah, both phones today… yeah, there are 2 of then,) I plan to get the smallest one, which is 4.7 inches. The other one is 5.5 inches, and I don’t think I really need a phone that big! They also announced watches, but I really am not into wearing anything on my wrist, so I won’t be getting one of those. My contract with Verizon expired in December, so I think it’s definitely time for me to get a new phone! I’ve been using my 4S since December 2011.

    I was supposed to start Sunday school today.

    I didn’t though, I forgot to take my phone in my bedroom. I ended up getting up at almost 9, and missing the call from the person who was supposed to pick me up for the 9:00 class. I could have set my alarm if I would have taken my phone in there with me, but since I didn’t take my phone in there, I didn’t set it. I ended up calling the person back way too late to make the lesson, so I had to miss it and just go to the service instead. The bus had to pick me up, and we got to the church with 10 minutes to go until the service started.

    The bathroom ceiling finally got fixed.

    The bathroom ceiling got fixed today, but only after filling out a maintenance request 2 and a half months ago. This was of course after I was supposed to have an inspection yesterday, and my landlord had to call and reschedule it, because he didn’t think I would pass the inspection with a crack in the ceiling. All that’s left to do is prime and paint the patch, but it should pass inspection if that doesn’t get done.

    My everyday journeys in life.