Febooary 25th: favorites and preferences.

I answer questions from a list of favorites and preferences in this recording for the 25th of Febooary.

Febooary 24th: thoughts on work.

I answer the question, “Does work really banish the three evils (boredom, vice and poverty)? Please Explain.” in this recording for the 24th of Febooary.

Thoughts on Citizenfour.

So I said I would come back and write a post about Citizenfour. Well… here it goes… I did happen to read up on the movie beforehand, and this was a good thing, because there were a lot of silent scenes in it. Most of them were fairly short, but the fact that I knew what was happenening in most of the silent scenes was a good thing, and made things easier to follow. I would not have watched it by myself had I not read articles on it, but the foreign language scenes and the lack of structure and shorter scenes toward the end did make things a bit difficult. Poitras only reads 4 of Snowden’s emails so you hear lots and lots of typing, and as a person who can’t see, I have no idea who’s doing the typing! By reading beforehand, I know that the rest of the emails do end up on screen, and that’s where some of the silent scenes come from, and I have a feeling some of the typing. I did see the emails, (I think in November 2014, when the movie first came out,) and I would like to look at those again, so that I know what came up on screen. I would also like to get the foreign language translations somehow. There were 3 of those scenes 2 of them were relatively short, but one of them was very long, and I was starting to think that it was taking up too much time.
Toward the end, Snowden and Greenwald communicate with pen and paper, they do this while talking, but they’re sort of halfway talking and halfway using pen and paper, (you really half to see it to understand the scene,) it isn’t a completely silent scene, but certain sections of it are semi-silent. I knew this was going to happen beforehand, but I thought the scene was going to be completely silent, to my surprise it wasn’t, so it was a bit easier to follow. Citizenfour was very in-depth, Poitras even somehow got the camera into an oral argument of the ninth Circuit court of appeals. I’m not sure how that happened, as video footage of oral arguments is very rare, (although that could have just been audio.) They even referenced the legal case I was following from August 2013 to April 2014. Overall, I did think it was a very good behind-the-scenes look at what happened, which is what I was looking for, and yes, I would say it covered everything decently, even the choosing of which documents to publish. Now I do have this link, which I did put in IE because I have NoScript running in Firefox, I’m not sure that it’s completely legal, but never-the-less, I’ll post it anyway. http://thoughtmaybe.com/citizenfour/ It isn’t a torrent or anything, I opened the link in IE, and things started playing automatically for me. I didn’t have to download a client to download a torrent file. This link actually came from a Twitter search I was doing, someone tweeted it, and I lost the tweet so I couldn’t retweet. I ended up tweeting and having to use an URL shortener because the tweet was too long.

Febooary 22nd: Answering today’s question, and talking about Citizenfour.

In this recording I answer the question, “what is one word to describe your home and why?” I also talk about the fact that the documentary about Edward Snowden, and how he leaked the NSA documents, “Citizenfour,” won the Oscar for best documentary tonight. After the awards were over, I found a tweet with a link in it that let me watch Citizenfour, I’ll be writing my thoughts in the next post. I’ve also uploaded an archived recording of me cheering, that I recorded from Blogathon 2013, (it’s probably imported here somewhere, but I’m not sure if the Audioboo entries got imported from Tumblr to wordpress.com, and then from the WordPress importer plugin. This was most of my reaction as soon as the presentor said and the Oscar goes to… Citizenfour! except for the fact that I had to apologize to my neighbors because I jumped up and down several times!

Febooary 21st, sort of answering the question…

I sort of answer the question, “if you would be stuck forever in a museum, library, or zoo, where would you choose to be stuck?” in this recording for the 21st of Febooary.

Febooary 20th: things you’re never too old to enjoy doing.

In this recording for Febooary day 20, I answer the question “What are some things we never get too old to enjoy?”

Febooary 19th: Explaining why I don’t use an email client.

On the 3rd anniversary of “Yeah I’m still here,” and the 1st anniversary of the PACER demonstration, I explain why I don’t use an email client in this recording for Febooary 19th.

Melissa left today.

She was waiting for a callback from a lawyer that also represents her mother, and he never called back. Since she didn’t get an answer from him as to whether he would take her case, she decided to take a break until she hears back from him, or can contact other attorneys. If you’ve been listening to my Febooary recordings, you know a bit more about what’s happened, but given that there could be a possible legal case and civil discovery could come out of it, I really shouldn’t say much more on the subject, and I’ve probably said way, way too much already!

Febooary 18th: Thoughts on money.

I answer the question “What are your thoughts on money, prosperity and abundance?” in this recording for the 18th day of Febooary. This is actually the question for the 19th, but I have plans to talk about something else tomorrow.

Febooary 17th: Thoughts on media.

I answer the question about desensitization in the media in this recording for the 17th day of Febooary.

Febooary 13th: in which I fail to answer questions, otherwise known as “yeah I’m still here,” round 4.

I fail to answer today’s questions, (they were about superstition,) in this recording for the 13th day of Febooary, instead I talk about what happened yesterday.

My everyday journeys in life.