A close call with my phone.

I took the phone in the bathroom with me this morning, and set it on a wicker shelf above my toylet. For some reason, I didn’t have the toylet lid down, and the phone fell off the shelf, hit the side of the toylet, and went onto the floor. I honestly thought the phone fell into the toylet, and I reached in to fish it out! I didn’t hear a splash though, so I wasn’t sure where the phone was, until I found it on the floor. I dropped my 4S in the toylet in June of last year, but I’m really glad my new iPhone 6, (that I just got last month,) didn’t end up in the toylet!
So I found out this morning, that my parent’s don’t have an extra bed for me to spend the night in like I usually do on Christmas eve. This means I’ll probably end up having to go back-and-forth with my sister, who’s always an hour later than she says she’s going to be for anything. I’m not really looking forward to that at all! Not only that, but my sister invited her X girlfriend/girlfriend who she says she isn’t back together with, (but they seem to be spending every! single! weekend! together,) to Christmas eve dinner. She asked me if I cared if she came, and I told her it would be awkward, because I haven’t seen her for a while. Honestly, the last time I saw this person was when she was threatening to kill my sister… and you’re wondering why it’s awkward? To that I just have to say… OMG! I tweeted that, “with all the family drama going on, I think I’m looking forward to 31C3 more than Christmas!” Which I definitely am looking forward to 31C3! I’m also looking forward to the lack of interuptions that will hopefully come with live streaming a conference for 3 days straight, (I think I’m actually planning to not go to church next Sunday, and take off from Prayer Seeker’s Café.) I’ll be out of town the last day of the conference, I have a doctor’s appointment, oh and some other stuff that day.

Fudge success!

My caregiver and I succeeded at making fudge today! We made peanut butter milk chocolate white chocolate fudge. They didn’t have just plane peanut butter chips at WalMart, so I had to get peanut butter milk chocolate chips, I had a bag of white chocolate chips, so we put those in. It’s actually very good fudge! It set up and everything! I was actually afraid it wasn’t going to set, because there was a lot of fluid in the pan, but I’m glad everything dissolved this time.

Fudge failure!

My caregiver and I tried to make fudge today, but it failed really badly! I think it was because we used sweetened condensed milk, instead of evaporated milk. It actually did solidify, but the sugar didn’t end up dissolving all the way, so there were lumps in it. We’re going to try again tomorrow, this time using a different recipe, (the recipe on the back of the marshmallow cream jar, instead of the one I found online.) Instead of using Semisweet bakers chocolate though, we’re going to use a mix of white chocolate and peanut butter chips, (I’m hoping that will work.)

Yesterday and today.

I rode the bus to church yesterday. This doesn’t normally happen, the children’s pastor’s husband happened to be driving the bus yesterday, so he brought the bus to pick me up. I used to ride the bus back in 2012, but the bus would only come every other Sunday, and I missed it a couple times. We ended up praying for like 16 people at Prayer Seeker’s Café today, (which is a lot.) There was some dispute over whether whether it was 16 or 17, but it was a lot more than usual. A couple hours after I got home, mom came by to get checks for a Christmas gift for dad, I had written one check, but it turned out it was going to be more, so I just gave her that check, and she just wrote a second check for the other amount. Turns out I’m still not done with Christmas shopping yet, I still have to get my caregiver something, I think I’m just going to get her a gift certificate to the grocery store we both shop at, and then take her out to lunch for her birthday.

I’m finally done with Christmas shopping!

I finished my Christmas shopping today. I thought I was going to be done yesterday, but I had to get a couple last things today. I had stocking stuffers for everyone but my sister, so I needed to get her a couple things for her stocking. I really didn’t know what to get, so I texted mom, she sent me a text with a list of things that my sister had sent her. The only person I actually don’t have a gift for is my dad, because I’m splitting it with my mom, which means it’s one of those big expensive things that probably won’t get here in time for Christmas.

UPS delivery issues.

I was expecting a package from UPS today, so when they rang my call box to deliver I didn’t think it was that big of a surprise. When the driver didn’t actually come in to deliver the package though, I thought that was a bit strange. I called my landlord to see if they delivered the package to him, and he said no, but he ended up calling UPS. It turns out that they delivered the package to the rong apartment! How they managed to do that, I’m not sure, because I put my apartment number in my address.
I did not sleep at all last night, I stayed up all night coughing, I’ve been sick for about a week now, but then again, so have a lot of people. I didn’t go to Prayer Seeker’s Café today, which means that if I was planning to take a day off at the end of the month, (which I was, for conference purposes,) I probably won’t be able to. Yeah, I was planning to take the 29th off, so I didn’t miss a day of 31C3. I missed a lot of 30C3 last year, because we were in Vegas, I was trying to watch speeches after the fact, but I ended up being interrupted by mealtimes, and distracted by my niece screaming 5000 times over.

Yesterday and today.

Yesterday my caregiver and I finished most of my Christmas shopping. I think all I have left to do are stocking stuffers. I’m not sure if I’m going to do them, because that would involve going with my sister, filling up a cart and splitting it, and I’m not sure if we’re doing that this year. Today, me and my caregiver are making White trash for the Prayer Seeker’s Café party, which is tomorrow. My server was down last night, that’s why I couldn’t blog post.

My $200 shopping day.

Yeah, I had a $200 shopping day today. I spent $149 on groceries, and $52 at WalMart, my grocery bill was actually $164, but I had $15 in EBT benefits. I used to get a lot more, when my income was a lot lower, but yeah… that’s just how the government works. My account balances are very high, so I’m not exactly complaining. After that we went to WalMart, so that I could get a few things that I couldn’t get at the grocery store, (my grocery store was out of the white chocolate flavored almond bark, ccan you believe that?)
On a completely unrelated note, I’ve had a soar throat since Sunday. I hope I’m not trying to get sick, because I have the Prayer Seeker’s Café party on Saturday! The director’s wife told me to come anyway, but if I’m really sick I probably won’t, (even though I’m baking for the party.)


I didn’t get to my parent’s house until around almost 2:30, because my sister didn’t get here until about 2. My mom wanted to eat around 3, but I don’t think the turkey was actually done until about 3:30-4. After dinner, I got to play with my niece, she brought me one of her toys, and we played together for a while before we had dessert. After we had dessert, we left, and I got home around 8:30.

Thanksgiving plans.

I don’t really know what I’m doing tomorrow, besides the fact that sometime, I’m going to my parent’s house for dinner. I have no idea when, because my family is the “we never make plans for anything until the day of” kind of family, and I’m the kind of person who likes to make plans. My caregiver and I made brownies today to bring to my parent’s house, usually they end up getting like 2-3 pies, (although mom said there’s only going to be one this year,) I don’t eat pie, so I end up bringing something else. I asked mom if she wanted me to bring anything specific, and she said brownies would be fine.

My phone is here!

I finally got my phone today! When the FedEx guy came to deliver it to me, I answered the call box and said, “these packages are in the way!” I thought it was my caregiver coming back from Panda Express, (I sent her to get lunch,) because I was stuck waiting for a package, and I couldn’t leave. She texted me that she was on her way back, so I thought it was her. She set out some boxes earlier, to take down for recycling, and she set them right in the way of where I had to answer the call box. I wasn’t expecting the FedEx guy to come right then, so I picked up the call box phone, said “these packages are in the way!” and then hung up. Then I opend the door and said well… it’s a good thing you weren’t the FedEx guy, and he was like wait… I am the FedEx guy, and I was like OMG! I told him that my caregiver left but she was on her way back, and she set some boxes out in the way, and I was like wow… that was awkward! I ended up signing for the package that was my phone. We ate lunch, (she brought her own lunch from home,) and then we went to Verizon to activate my phone.

I’m getting my phone tomorrow!

I checked my Verizon order history today, and it turned out my phone shipped on Friday. Apparently, Verizon just didn’t want to notify me that it was on it’s way for some reason. I was able to check the order status, and saw a FedEx tracking number associated with it. FedEx said the package wasn’t dew for delivery, so I called them, it isn’t coming until tomorrow, but I should get it, and be able to make a trip to the store to activate it either tomorrow or Wednesday.
On a completely unrelated note: I’m popping clogs! What does that mean? I’m not exactly sure… I used to use a service called 43things, for keeping a list of goals. I stopped a couple years ago, and when I went back, the site had shut down, I went back to DayZeroProject,, but I couldn’t figure out how to create lists, there wasn’t a cheering function, etc. I was looking at 43things yesterday and found PopClogs, which is a 43things alternative, and I signed up. My PopClogs list is right here.

Family picture day.

Otherwise known as, “don’t lecture me, or the whole conversation will end up on Twitter.”
We had family pictures taken today, it was extremely cold outside. My niece wanted pizza afterwards, which is pretty normal for a 2 and a half year old, so we went to pizza. I hadn’t eaten, because had gotten up at 9:40, after not getting to sleep until around 4:30 something. I’m not sure what my parents did after pizza, but I asked them to bring me home.
About an hour later, my sister tagged me in some of the photos on Facebook. I commented and asked if she could send some of them to me via email, so I could have an archive of them. The photographer replied and said I could download them from her online gallery, once she uploaded them there, which led me to believe that the pictures were too big to be emailed. I thought that was kind of hilarious because I’ve never really had that problem, I mean my phone takes 8 megabyte pictures, so I can only send one at a time, but I’ve never seen a picture over 10 MB. So I said, “Lol, did someone take some huge pictures? Hah!” My phone takes 8 MB pictures that you can barely send over email. The photographer replied and said they were about 12, I was like oh wow OK. I’ve never seen an image file over 10 MB, or any file for that matter. Wait… I take that back, I did have an .avi file that was about a gig once. That was my bungee jumping video, the video that I lost to Viddler’s deletion of personal accounts. Anyway, my sister told me she would get the pictures to me. She also told me in a Facebook chat, “don’t make snarky comments please.” I actually wasn’t making a snarky comment, I was being serious, (although I was laughing about the file size, so I guess I was seriously laughing about it.) Then, my sister called me, and here are almost her exact words. “It looked like you were complaining about the size of the pictures, like you didn’t appreciate what was done.” “It was rude, and you can ask mom or anyone else.” I tweeted the conversation on twitter, (actually, it wasn’t much of a conversation, it was mostly her lecturing me.) She did tell me that she would put the pictures on a CD and put bring them to me. So don’t lecture me, or your lecture will end up in tweets on Twitter.
Since then I’ve decided that I don’t use my Facebook account enough to justify staying logged in. I’ve turned off all email notifications, and logged out of Facebook. I have plans to never go there again, (even if my sister tags me in photos,) because I wouldn’t want to comment on them and offend her again! Lol or otherwise known as say something rude, which I apparently did earlier that day when I said I follow instructions perfectly wen they were telling me not to smile when they were taking pictures. I told me if they gave me an order, I will follow it, and my mom said that was rude.

This is the lesson I taught today.

I know I’ve never done this in the past, but here’s the full text of the lesson I taught this morning at Prayer Seeker’s Café.
Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and lean not on your own understanding;
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.
So, how do we define “trust?” The 2014 Webster’s online dictionary defines trust as: “: belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.” Now before I start laughing hilariously at the fact that I just quoted Webster’s, (because if the government quoted a 1988 version of it in a brief that was filed 2 days from now last year, I can definitely do it too,) let’s get back on topic… shall we?
Besides the dictionary definition, what are some examples of trust in our everyday lives? We have to trust the other drivers on the road, (although sometimes we can’t always do that.) We trust that when we go to the grocery store, they’re going to have the right things, or the things we want, (and if they don’t, we go to a different store to find them.) We trust friends, family, Pastors, and teachers. I don’t even want to get into whether or not we should trust services like Google and Facebook to keep our data safe. that’s a long debate that I could have, and it brings up a legal case. The short answer is well… No… not US services. Although we’re losing data to the NSA, (via an upstream tap,) US services are more likely to comply with pen register orders and subpoenas than foreign ones, unless they’re very small services, or sole proprietorships.

What do we trust God with? We trust that God will provide for us:
Matthew 6:25-26 says: “25 Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; or about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? 26 Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” Basically, we don’t just have to trust that God will provide for us financially, (he does that,) but the scripture says, “do not worry about what you will eat or drink, or your body, what you will put on.” The very first part of the scripture actually goes further than this, saying “do not worry about your life.” I’m using the NKJV translation for this, but I think it makes it very clear, and I can lay it out in a fairly simple “if this then that statement.” If you aren’t familiar with “IF this then that” statements, they’re fairly simple statements used in computer programming. For instance, an example of one would be “if it’s Monday, then I’m going to Prayer Seeker’s Café.” So here’s the if this then that statement for this lesson: If we aren’t supposed to worry, then we are to trust God with everything. So that’s the answer to the question. We all worry though, and let’s just face it, life isn’t always fun sometimes. The important thing in those situations is to surrender those things to God, and trust that he will take care of them. 1 Peter 5:7 says “7 casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”
Sometimes, the hardest thing to trust God with is waiting. Waiting for prayers to be answered, or waiting for things in life to be done. Lamentations 3:25 says “The LORD is good to those who wait for Him,
To the soul who seeks Him.” Psalm 27:14 also says “Wait on the LORD;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;” I’ve had to wait for a lot of things recently; in fact, I’m still waiting on a package from Verizon! I also have become an expert at waiting on hold with the SSA, as I’ve had to do it 3 times in 3 months. If god wanted to teach me how to wait, well… I think he succeeded, and if he wanted to teach me to trust him more, well I think he managed to succeed with that one too, even as I’ve been preparing this lesson. I knew I would get my back pay eventually, and I wasn’t worried about it. Sure, I was curious to know when it would come, and I thought it was interesting because they told me 45 days from 10/10, (and it came on 10/20! I was prepared to wait 45 days, or even longer, because I’ve waited longer for things before. So I guess the point of this lesson is, it may not be all that easy or fun sometimes, but we really should trust God with everything!
I’m realizing now that I didn’t explain if this then that statements all that well. but most of these people are older, and have never come across that sort of thing before, so I needed a quick way to explain it. I could have tried to explain IFTTT to them, but I have a feeling that that would have taken forever, and probably failed.

My everyday journeys in life.